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Recipe Builder

Build the personalisation you want

Use our no-code ‘Recipe Builder’ to quickly create bespoke personalisation logic to determine what product content each recipient will see using any customer, product or contextual data.

Bring your own merchandising rules to support wider business objectives around stock utilisation, margin and more.

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A new approach to personalisation

The Reignite Recipe Builder is the first product of it's kind in the email marketing industry, reimagining how personilsation should be built.

Recipe Builder

Increased Email Revenue

1:1 personalised content can deliver up to 5X the revenue of batch & blast.

Recipe Builder

Get started in minutes

Build your first personalised recipe in less than 5 minutes – don’t get bogged down in long projects.

Recipe Builder

Create new types of campaigns

Scale revenue by creating campaigns with flavours of personalisation not before possible.

Unique Email Personalisation Capabilities

No code personalisation builder

Use the simple interface to create rules in minutes. No need for data engineers or the ability to write SQL.

Use all of your data and more

Build rules based upon customer or product data, and contextual data sources such as location & weather.

Granular control

Filter and rank products shown to each recipient using a range of precision tools. Bring your own merchandising rules around stock, margin or product priorities to refine result.

Fresh & varied content every time

Ensure recipients receive a diverse set of products across a breadth of your range, with frequency rules to prevent repetitive display of the same items in each campaign.

Real-time results

Email content adapts at the moment of open, replacing items out of stock and updating the price.

Preview personalisation before you send

Test what personalisation will look like for individual customers using the emulator, including different locations and weather types.

Easy integration with your email platform

Simply copy and paste our tags into your email template.

Why it's better

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