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AI Product Recommendations

Make every email relevant

Quickly & easily create AI Product Recommendation flavours that ensure customers receive product content closest to their taste.

Unlike ‘Black Box’ AI solutions you can customise the algorithm as required, without needing support from your data team.

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Take control of your personalisation

The AI Product Recommendations in Reignite empower marketers to create their own recommendation content without the need for data teams, while also overcoming the limitations of generic AI algorithms.

AI Product Recommendations

Increase repeat purchase rate

Recommendation algorithms help customers discover relevant products for their next purchase – even when unrelated to their first purchase.

AI Product Recommendations

Implement in minutes

Create an algorithm in a few simple steps without waiting weeks for IT and data teams.

AI Product Recommendations

Full control of algorithms

Customise the data, scoring and type of recommendation flavour to fit the needs of your business.

AI built for email marketers needs

Choose your data

Bring in any data sources from page views and purchases, through to brochure requestsand enquiries to give the AI model the breadth of data to make the bes trecommendations.

Combine with merchandising rules

Using these flavours alongside the ‘Recipe Builder’ gives marketers the ability to add their own merchandising rules around margin, categories and much more.

Create any type of flavour

Quickly create recommendations across the whole customer lifecycle including what the customer is likely to buy next or what else they might add to their basket for their current order.

Preview before you send

Check and test recommendations for specific customers to ensure your rules will translate into compelling product content in emails.

Easy integration with your email platform

Simply copy and paste our tags into your email template.

Why it's better

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