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How Cruising Excursions generated £2 per email
with real time email


Cruising Excursions offer thousands of shore excursions for cruise passengers at huge discounts over booking with the cruise line direct.

However, it was observed that they were only receiving bookings from customers for a fraction of the ports of their ports of call.

Working with Reignite they implemented a personalised upsell programme to increase the share of excursion bookings.

The Campaign

Several fully automated creatives are sent in rotation every week before the cruise departure.

These include a personalised set of tours they might consider in the ports of call they have not already booked for.

Using the Reignite Recipe Builder the tours are selected as:

  • Available for specific cruise customer is booked on
  • Only ports where they have not booked
  • Upweight own brand excursions
  • Don’t show if seen in another email in the last 14 days
  • Ranking by recommendation algorithm and popularity

Live Availability & Local Pricing

All excursion details are pulled via the reservations API at the moment of open, with the latest price shown in the customers local currency.

Added Impact

Personalised images are used to create added impact while countdown timers are used immediately prior to departure to create urgency.

The Results

The Reignite Recipe Builder enabled Cruising Excursions to dramatically increase the number of customers booking additional tours for their cruise with them. Key statistics from the programme include:

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