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How easyfundraising
doubled newsletter click-rate
with personalised
hero messaging


easyfundraising help charities and good causes raise free donations when their supporters shop online with over 7,000 retailers.

Ongoing email communications tended to be one-size fits all. As a result easyfundraising saw an opportunity to pursue a personalisation strategy to boost engagement.


The first challenge was how to keep supporters motivated with fresh messages over time, especially if there has been little recent shopping activity.

With the team tight on resources it wasn’t realistic for them to produce unique content for every combination of customer segments each week.


easyfundraising wanted to remind, celebrate & congratulate supporters to keep them motivated along the way.

This was achieved with over 18 initial personalised hero messages, each designed for relevant moments for supporters.

Personalised images were used to create high impact designs, including personalised graphics and charts.

Who gets what & when?

A ‘Decision Table’ approach was used to calculate the next best content for each individual on each send.

This used rules that included:

  • Supporter behaviour
  • Milestones & Anniversarys
  • What other messages they had been recently sent
  • Seasonal and time sensitive messaging

Nothing new to say?

For less active supporters with no relevant messages to talk about live voting was used to maintain engagement.

The Results

Personalisation doesn't have to be onerous & time consuming - as shown with the easyfundraising approach to personalising their weekly campaigns. Doubling the click-rate takes no more effort as it's simply appended to the top of every email, while additional variants can be added over time as and when time allows.

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