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Contextual Targeting

Personalise with new data sources

Reignite utilises the customers location, weather, current time and even the device they are reading your email on within all personalisation logic.

Deliver improved relevancy and results for your email programme by using contextual data alongside other traditional data sources such as purchase history and browsing behaviour.

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Even more personalisation possibilities

Extend your personalisation capabilities to generate additional revenue opportunities with contextual targeting.

Contextual Targeting for Email

Relevancy drives revenue

The greater the relevancy, the greater the revenue your email programme will deliver. Adding contextual personalisation on top ensures content is right for that time, their location or the weather outside.

Contextual Targeting for Email

Meet specific business objectives

Support wider business objectives such as mobile app downloads, new store openings and time-sensitive promotions with contextual personalisation.

Contextual Targeting for Email

Reach micro segments

Resource constraints normally don’t allow dedicated campaigns to customers in less popular locations, but automation makes this possible, increasing the LTV of these micro segments.

Modern targeting capabilities

Match content to weather conditions

Adapt the product content based upon temperature, rainfall or nature of the weather in the customers location.

Personalise based upon distance

Bring items within a radius of the customers location or simply present a store locator with the nearest retail stores.

Target by device & browser

Promote your mobile apps or provide device specific call to actions to match the recipients device and browser.

Refresh time sensitive content

Hide and show content on a schedule such as timed promotions, or insert an animated countdown timer.

Easy integration with your email platform

Simply copy and paste our tags into your email template.

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