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How Diamond Holidays
 increased yield
with personalised
late availability campaigns


Diamond Holidays are a UK based coach tour operator. As with all travel businesses yield is crucial. Unsold spots on the coach hit profitability. To tackle this Diamond Holidays implemented a personalised late availability programme.

Personalised by pickup point

Coach tours depart from a number of specific pickup points, therefore each set of recommended tours all had a pickup location within 10 miles of the customers home

Real-time Availability

Usually only a few spaces remain for each late availability deal.

To avoid customers seeing deals that have since sold out, each deal is refreshed at email open based upon real-time availability.

The Results

Using personalisation for late availability campaigns took the pressure off the marketing team to create endless solus promotions to sell remaining spots on struggling tours. Equally, by targeting the sends to just those within a few miles of pickup points close to them ensured the database was protected from fatigue - it took only 1/3 of the email volume to generate the same revenue of a bulk send.

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