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How fitness brand Frame use personalisation to
keep members motivated


Fitness studio brand Frame have the simple mantra that getting fit should never feel like a chore & they’ve been putting FUN back into fitness since 2009.

To keep their ‘Framers’ motivated & deliver the best experience in emails they embrace personalisation.

Celebrate success

On key dates and milestones Frame celebrate the success of the member with personalised emails showing how they have ‘smashed it’.

These use a range of data points displayed in brand fonts and using personalised graphics & charts.

The monthly send is so popular any Framers who haven’t attended enough classes are known to ask where their email is!

Recommend the next class

Frame can personalise every email with a live timetable showing the upcoming classes in each customers preferred genres & favourite studio.

The timetable updates on every open, ensuring fully booked or past classes aren’t shown.

The Results

Frame emails are a perfect example of how personalisation doesn't have to be drab and lack personality, and that also shows in the exceptional results they drive:

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