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Drag & Drop Tools

No Code Email Personalisation

Take control of your email personalisation without the usual dependencies on data teams and coders, while retaining the control and flexibility that ‘plug and play’ solutions can’t offer.

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Sophisticated technology without the usual barriers

Don’t get held up on your personalisation goals by waiting for tech resource, changing email platform or compromising on your personalisation goals with inferior capabilities.

No coding email personalisation

Fast to implement & learn

Start building your first personalised content in minutes without the learning curve of traditional platforms.

No coding email personalisation

Save time on existing email builds

Stop copying and pasting content into email templates and automatically create content that refreshes without you needing to do a thing.

No coding email personalisation

Use with your existing email platform

There is no need to waste time finding a new email platform, upgrade your existing provider by integrating it with Reignite

No techies needed

Sophisticated editors

Design your own visuals with the Photoshop like editor that even non-designers can create beautiful on brand personalised assets with.

Build complex queries without SQL

Create advanced query criteria from a simplified user interface

Connect to your data sources

No developers are required to connect to your API’s. Reignite also offers ready-made data sources for contextual data such as geo-location and weather.

Test & preview before you send

Be confident in the personalisation you create with the ability to preview personalisation for any customer or scenario.

Easy integration with your email platform

Simply copy and paste our tags into your email template.

Why it's better

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