personalised email content 

that refreshes at the moment of open

From countdown timers and personalised images to automated content from feeds & API’s, our platform helps boost click-thru rates by over 30% on average.

Works with every  email marketing platform 

 Live email  Content Solutions

Countdown Timers

Create urgency with animated countdown timers or count-up from a chosen time

Personalised Images

High impact imagery personalised with data held in your ESP. Use any font.

Use any data source or API

Great for live products, pricing, timetables, odds, currencies & much more

Live Maps & Weather Forecasts

Use the subscribers location to show local maps or weather targeting content

Twitter & Instagram feeds

Stream live posts from your Twitter or Instagram accounts into emails

Interactive Polls

Create engaging live polls to encourage interaction within email campaigns

 Live email  Benefits

Increased Click Rates

Our real-time content boosts click-rates by on average over 30%

Save time + personalisation at scale

Connect to any data source to automate content production and make 1-2-1 personalisation easy

Incredible email experiences

Find new ways of engaging with subscribers with innovative content

Why  Reignite? 

Easy Visual Editor

Sophisticated Photoshop style editor that is as easy to use as Powerpoint

Affordable Pricing

No contract pricing allows you to start small and grow

Any Email Platform

Reignite works with EVERY email marketing platform

 Reignite  in action

Accessible pricing for all

Pay as you go

From just


per month

No contract, cancel anytime

Annual Savings

From just


per year

save up to 35% over PAYG

The Story of Reignite

Reignite was founded by multiple award-winning email marketing veteran Sean Duffy. Sean has worked in the email marketing sector since 2002 where he helped establish UK based email marketing platform Emailcenter working with numerous leading brands across a variety of sectors.

During a period of consulting Sean realised marketers faced a number of technical and resource barriers in order to implement their desired CRM strategies – namely how to spend less time building emails and personalising campaigns to the individual without the hassle of big projects, the need for a large budget, or the need for extensive technical skills.

Reignite was born as a way of injecting personalised content into email campaigns without the limitations of the existing email platform or requiring lots of internal IT resource. Reignite works with EVERY email marketing platform while being as simple to use as Powerpoint, while also being available at an accessible price point.