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How JewelleryMaker
 save 100+ days a year
& increased CRM revenue by over 18%


TV shopping channel JewelleryMaker have a loyal fan base of jewellery makers who tune in daily for the latest deals and new products.

With TV shopping being a lightning fast industry, the marketing team were flat out manually producing emails promoting upcoming shows. 3 generic emails were taking 3 days of design & build resource.

Reignite worked with JewelleryMaker to show them an alternative way of working that would not only dramatically cut the amount of time spent building emails, but also increase revenue with targeted promotions to different segments of the database.


JewelleryMaker had specific requirements to make the project successful:

  • Automate production of content
  • Ensure high quality on-brand aesthetics
  • Maintain control & flexibility in the type of content shown
  • Allow the non-technical Marketing Execs to create emails with minimal design support
  • Integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp


Several template designs for displaying how each show should look were created in Reignite giving a lot of creative flexibility while maintaining aesthetic qualities of the manually created emails.

The content for each section came from an existing API & a Google Sheet that allows the team to select which shows to promote, in what style and order.

This also enabled the team to add custom imagery and descriptions.

Real-time Content

All content adapts at the moment of open rather than being fixed at the point of send.

In TV shopping this is valuable as programmes can change at the last minute. Even if the email has been sent the team can still make amends.

The ‘Deal of the Day’ widget also adapts to automatically show today’s offer with a countdown timer showing time left to shop.

Personalised Promotions

Taking the automated emails a stage further the team were able to create tailored offers for different segments, whether that be encouraging low spenders to increase their AOV, or incentivise those who have lapsed to shop again.

These were seamlessly injected into the daily emails for each individual rather than having to manually create different emails or dynamic content rules.

Each email now takes only minutes to build.

The Results

Implementing the automated daily emails has freed up the marketing team to work on more strategic priortities, while also allowing them to contact their customers more frequently, increasing the incremental revenue generated from email.

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